Weekly Photo Challenge : Weathered

“In sailing, in weather, in life and death, answers are not endings and questions are not to be feared. The unknowns keep us moving forward.” 
― Kaci Cronkhite

From the past!

About the photo –
Clicked by Nexus 6P phone (and edited by Snapseed App), on my trip to a small town called Bhangarh (in India), this photo speaks a thousand words about being “WEATHERED!”
Famous for its historical ruins, and considered to be one of India’s many haunted locations – Bhangarh (established in 1573) is an embodiment of age-long history and yesteryear. Once a town alive with people like you and me, it is now a land of relics, reminding us of an era of princely states and regal existence. From grand courtyards, abundant riches and effusive lifestyle to a wreckage that’s long forgotten, this town sermonizes the imprint of “time and tide!”
From witnessing the past to now becoming a “historical site” – Bhangarh with its legends of the antiquity, has for sure weathered!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Weathered



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  1. What a great description of this photo! We think things are so permanent but then things disappear into the forgotten. Learning about these places is very special. Great post, Richa

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