Weekly Photo Challenge : Variations on a Theme

“What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space.”
Erwin Schrodinger



About the photos –
Clicked by Nexus 6P phone (and edited by Snapseed App), on my trip to Universal Studios, Orlando (Florida) – these photos for me are a perfect example of “VARIATIONS on a THEME!”
Flashy, chromatic, kaleidoscopic – a visit to a candy store is always embraced! No matter what your age is, there is something for everyone to satiate the “sweet-tooth!” Prismatic candies in every shape and color, delightful chocolates, toothsome gummy bears, freshly made tasteful fudge, delectable candy apples, gourmet cookies – Yes, the world comes to a STOP here! Undoubtedly, “Like a kid in a candy store” is more than just an expression at San Francisco Candy Factory at the Universal’s. With no fear of the high-glucose overdose, this place for sure is a concoction of varieties of flavor, color, aroma and character.
A platter of variations and versatility – that’s life! (Umm, and a candy store too!)

Weekly Photo Challenge : Variations on a Theme



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  1. These pics are wonderful! And the writing is exquisite too 🙂 As a physicist, I also love the epigraph!! Congratulations and best wishes! ❤ ✨

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