Weekly Photo Challenge : Serene

“Is it me, or the skies have something to tell?”


About the photo
Clicked by Nexus 6P phone (and edited by Snapseed App), at the Mississippi River Park, Memphis – this photo speaks a thousand words.
It is fascinating to notice the colors, patterns and the characteristic blueprints of Mother Nature. The dramatization of the skies, calmness of the Mississippi river and the vastness of the magnificent world that we live in, makes us so microscopic and meager. Undoubtedly, “nature therapy” is the best way to unwind and unravel the mysteries of trials and tribulations.
When the nature “talks” and you “listen” – there is calmness, harmony and contentment. Hail Earth Mother! Hail Gaia!

Weekly Photo ChallengeSerene



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    1. Thank you so much!😊
      It is the “Hernando de Soto Bridge” across the Mississippi River between Memphis (Tennessee) and West Memphis (Arkansas).