Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved

“I loved her for what I couldn’t understand about her. Love searches for the mystery in the beloved, seeks the unknowable.”
― John DufresneLove Warps the Mind a Little


About the photo – 
Clicked by Nexus 6P phone (and edited by Snapseed App), with my “BELOVED!”
Miss Hazel, as she is fondly called, is a boxer by breed and an absolute DIVA by nature. Ardent, dutiful, faithful, amusing, enduring and a confidant – she is a perfect companion that you can think of. No matter how heartbreaking the world is, a “man’s best friend” with it’s permutation of wet nose, wagging tail, and slobbery kisses, never lets you down! One “fetch” – and the world seems like a better place!
When love is in the mix, the need for language, and for words, dissipates. When you love and respect someone with all your being (no matter if you are a human-being or not), you don’t need to talk! You can simply live and understand, in harmony.
When it is more than just “a girl with a dog” and means so much! Me and my “BELOVED” – Hazel and ME!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beloved



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