Top 10 Movies To Watch This Halloween

Boohaa.. It is that time of the year! “Spooky Nights” are here to stay. Get some pop corns, a lot more of courage and invite over some of your bravest friends. (Hell yeah, it’s Halloween Time!) 


For the thrill seekers, I present a binge watch guide of “Halloween Special” movies to watch this season –

1) The Possession (2012)

Rating : PG13     Duration : 1h32m     IMDb : 5.9/10

When you buy an old antique “dybbuk box” at a yard sale, which has a demonic spirit living in it – You are in for screams, shrills and loads of “nail biting” daunting moments! Based on a true story, The Possession is an apt watch this season. Great execution and intriguing story line will keep you glued to your TV screens for sure. Watch trailer here.

2) The Faculty (1998)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h44m     IMDb : 6.4/10

When the students at Herrington High face a greater challenge of saving the world from alien domination – you get what you paid for! An unlikely collection of loners, leaders, nerds and jocks who have to first fight their inner demons before they can save the world. Bigger question – Can they? Will they? Or will the world be enslaved till the doom? Watch trailer here.

3) The Conjuring (2013)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h52m     IMDb : 7.5/10

Paranormal Investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by something dark in their house. The movie is surprisingly spiritual, satisfyingly scary and traumatically real. Must watch this Halloween! (If you still haven’t!) The Conjuring haunts you days after you’ve watched it and hence, it might help if you keep those lights on for a while! Watch trailer here.

4) The AmityVille Horror (2005)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h34m     IMDb : 6/10

Newly weds are terrorized by demonic forces after moving into a large house, where bad, terrifying things have happened in the past. The family must come together to save themselves, but can they when there are demons within themselves? Its a job well done, enough to keep you jumping throughout the movie. Gruesome, bloody and creepy! Watch trailer here.

5) Scream (1996)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h51m     IMDb : 7.2/10 

After a series of mysterious deaths cook up a storm in their small town, an off beat group of friends led by Sydney Prescott become the target of a masked killer. No body is safe, specially when you have a psychopath running loose wearing a mask. The movie is a jigsaw puzzle. The question is – Can you solve it before you die? (When fear has a funny face!) Watch trailer here.

6) The Exorcist (1973)

Rating : R     Duration : 2hr12min     IMDb : 8/10

Its a tale of an exorcism based loosely on actual events. Terrifying, disturbing, dark, creepy, suspenseful – a perfect recipe for blood-curling experience. Its frightening when you start question the science behind non existence of demons! The conflict between pure evil and pure innocence was never so gruesome. The bigger question – Who wins? Watch trailer here.

 7) A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h41m     IMDb : 7.5/10

This movie is about a disfigured mangler whom preys on the teenagers in their dreams, which in turn kills them in reality The only way out is to wake up! When the line between reality and dreams is blurred and you are ignorant of the truth – you die! Its petrifying and chilling! Must watch for some unnerving experiences. Watch trailer here.

 8) Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h43m     IMDb : 6.1/10

When Trish’s and her brother’s routine road trip home from college turns into a heart-stopping race of their lives – you get your Halloween dose of dread, horror and jitters. An undaunted indestructible evil force is tirelessly after them and they seem to find no escape. The new chilling meaning to the old song “Jeepers Creepers” is finally out! Watch trailer here.

9) Trick’r Treat (2007)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h40m     IMDb : 6.8/10

Some traditions are best not forgotten! As the residents of a small town face real ghosts and goblins on Halloween – they seem to find no exodus. One of the obvious instant classics of horror in the 21st century.  Its a movie that IS HALLOWEEN! Watch trailer here.

10) Psycho (1960)

Rating : R     Duration : 1h49m     IMDb : 8.5/10

Psychological horror film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock, sure will give you the “goosebumps” that you have been waiting for! When you check-in to an motel owned by a young man with interest in taxidermy and has been in a difficult relationship with his mother – you either check-out immediately or you die! Watch Psycho for its complex characters and nightmarish plot. (And the famous background score!) Watch trailer here.

Bonus (Why not? Its the holiday season!)

11) IT (2017)

Rating : R     Duration : 2h15m     IMDb : 7.9/10

An ancient, shape shifting evil emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children. Can the little ones overcome their own fears to battle the evil? Can Pennywise be ever subjugated? Hauntingly memorable characters, suspenseful and dark – Stephen King sure did know about writing good stuff! Watch trailer here.

Here’s to the nights full of fright and terror! Happy Halloween ya’all!

Disclaimer : The details and the ratings have been collected/collated from IMDb . The list, however is preferentially hand picked! 

I hope you all have fun watching these movies. Would love to hear about your favorites!


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