5 Bad Beauty Habits To Break This Year

Everyone has a bad habit. Whether it is as simple as sleeping with your makeup on your face or as grave as missing on the ingredient label on your beauty products, we all are guilty! (Well, what’s a human without any vices?) Ignoring some simple steps to your beauty regime might seem harmless now, but eventually they would need more time, effort and money for restoration and repair. Having said that, it’s never too late to say good-bye to a bad routine!

beauty regime

Here’s my list of 5 bad beauty habits to break this year –

1. Sticking To The Same Skin Care Routine All Year Around

It’s a know fact that our skin and its requirements changes with the altering climatic conditions. Direr the weather, more hydration is required for your skin and vice versa. Switching up your skin care routine and products, seasonally, can go a long way in maintaining a good skin health.  For example, I switch to oil based products in winters and lighter moisturizer during summers (see here, why). Taking care of your skin, the right way, as it demands, can go a long way in retaining the complexion and healthfulness.

PS –  The change in beauty care regime is not only just applicable to your skin but also to your hair, nails and feet.

2. Skipping Facials/Clean Ups

In addition to daily cleansing and a basic skin care routine, regular facials are a must (especially after a certain age). The harsh weather/climatic changes, high levels of pollution and stress are the 3 main reasons why I recommend the “professional touch!” Since a beautician is well-trained for the task and skilled to work on your skin type in addition with having better aligned products depending on how damaged your skin is, a professional facial these days is a necessity. Personally, I would also recommend a visit to your dermatologist, so that you are exactly aware of your stats and thus, chose your skin treatment wisely and accordingly. It’s a once in a lifetime effort (and cost), that will not only stop you from wasting money on useless products but also give you the satisfaction of a complete makeover. Cleansing, black head removal, massage, exfoliation, acne block, de-tan, skin glow and skin tightening – are a few of the many positives of a professional facial with an added advantage of a long-term benefit to flawless beauty!

3. Wearing The Wrong Shades 

Honestly, this is the one thing that I have struggled with (practically all my life!) but a quick visit to my favorite local beauty counter (the ones that you have in Lifestyle, Shopper Stop, Macy’s etc..) helped me a lot to clear my doubts and answer all the “ifs” and “buts” and “whys”. Remember, beauty is not ready-made and one size does not fit all! We have to know and be sure of which shades compliments us and which ones are for the trash. Invest some time on yourself and “break the shade code!” Concealers, Eye liners, Mascara, Eye Shadow, Lipsticks – you gotta know what color will celebrate you and glorify your looks. Get opinions from experts and buy products that you are doubtless about.

PS – Once you buy the things that you are knowledgeable about and are sure of, you will obviously end up saving on money by not buying random test colors/shades that are never worn.

4. Ignoring The Expiration Date

Being the busy bees that we are, there are times that we knowingly or unknowingly miss out on basics of skin/health/self-care. As simple as this bad habit sounds, the results can be disastrous! Break outs, Skin allergies, Acne, Scars – are few of the numerous harmful, dangerous things that can happen. Spending a minute or two reading the product label every-time that you shop is a good habit to imbibe.

5. Sleeping With Your Make Up On

Sleeping with our make up on is something that happens to everyone and we all are guilty of the times that we have been careless enough – to not wash it off before saying our good nights. Honestly, it happens more often than it should! By sleeping with your makeup on, your skin has to work way harder to get through all that dirt and filth. Wrinkles, Acne, Dry skin, Breakouts, Chapped lips, Broken eyelashes – are a few of the ruinous things that can happen in addition with grave issues like eye irritation and damage, clogged eyelash follicles etc.. (The demerits are many!) Personally speaking, this is the most difficult of the bad beauty habit that I had to break though! (Difficult, but not impossible!) Devoting 5 minutes daily, before sleeping, to clean/wipe off all the make up, sweat, dust, pollution – goes a long way in ensuring perfect health of your skin with of course an added advantage of life long afterglow.

PS – I use Nutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes in case I am short on time and too lazy to wash off my make up. It’s gentle and leaves the skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there’s no need to rinse!

Do you have any beauty related bad habits that you need to beak free from? Feel free to share!


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