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Hey Everyone!

Guess what! I have made it to the list of one of the most prestigious (in its own ways) award’s on WordPress – The Liebster Award. Yay! I am stoked and humbled at this recognition and I thank Matthew G for the nomination. An amazing writer, an awesome poet and a skeptic – Matthew G is one of the most refreshing bloggers on WordPress. Check out his blog – Grabba for some interesting reads.

What is The Liebster Award – The Liebster (meaning sweetheart, beloved person, darling) Award has been invented to support new bloggers like me to get noticed in the blogging World.

Here are the answers to the questions asked –

What was the reason to start blogging?
Answer – Writing always has been very close to my heart. When conversations failed, I wrote! It has been my “happy place” where I can express myself freely without being judged or belittled. Post quitting my job of 10 years and finally being able to get some time for myself – blogging was the obvious next step towards “my freedom to expression.”

Where would you like to be in 3 years time from now on?
Answer – Physically – at the place which is not as wintry as where I am right now! (I am thinking about sun, sea and sand!) Mentally – to be at peace and content with whatever my life has to offer. Professionally – to be a better, fruitful writer spinning some good content.

The most shameful thing you ever did?
Answer – Chomping “Dog Food!” (Don’t know if it’s shameful or I am just another “crazy dog-woman” who likes to test-taste the food before giving it to her dogs!)

List 3 things you would pick up for the deserted Island!
Answer – A box of SPF 50 sun-tan lotion, my music collection and a bedecked yacht (Just in-case I change my mind!)

If given a choice, would you rather change humanity or yourself?
Answer – I would quote Kellie Elmore, who said – “If we change our thoughts from ‘it’s too late’ to, ‘there’s still hope’, we might see some change in the world.”
Guess, it is all about the “karmic-cycle!”

Types/traits of character you admire and hate most?
Answer – Honesty and hard work ranks the best in my admiration list. Also, I am a sucker for “ethics!” About hate – Well, I am still learning the art to hate. Sadly, it doesn’t come naturally to me.

When finding the perfect crush with obstacles, give up or fight and reason why?
Answer – Love’s handful! (But guess that is why we’ve got two hands!)

How would you use Death Note if given one?
Answer – Can I swap the “Death Note” with a ticket to Westeros and Essos? Hail Thronies! Hail GOT!

Are you rather predator or prey?
Answer – I am the entire “Jungle- Book!”

Give me 2/3 thoughts about me based on my blog!
Answer – I could honestly read your poems/thoughts all day! You are truly gifted and your passion echoes in your opinions. Keep up with the wonderful job that you are doing and NEVER SAY NEVER!

Also, write down your addiction and explanation why you won’t stop it!
Answer – Netflix! (Guilty).. Why? Coz the network speed is 75Mbps! On a serious note, when you practice Buddhism – you hardly have anything else to get addicted to.

My Nominations – Keeping in mind the year-end obligations and the hullabaloo about the new year, I shall not be nominating anyone in particular. I know it gets busy! Also, I personally recognize each one of you deserving of The Liebster Award! Hurrah!
(Disclaimer – Feel free to nominate yourself. If you really want to do this, please go right ahead and chose the same questions to answer!)

Thank You Matthew G for this awesome nomination. It was fun answering all the questions! (Hope I did justice?)

Here’s to some facts and to knowing me some more! Cheers!



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