Confidence Boost

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit” 
― E.E. Cummings

Self-confidence means being in-sync with your capabilities, powers and self-worth regardless of the situation that you are in. It means that you acknowledge your strengths and believe in yourself to achieve your purpose and go for the challenges that the life throws at you, gallantly. It is the “mantra” of certainty and self-belief that makes you stand out of the crowd – self-assured, self-aware and upbeat. Undoubtedly, self-confidence is your “golden-ticket” to the worldly benefits and spiritual boons!


Fact – People with low self-confidence tend to repel people around them. Their limiting mindsets and behavior makes them  unbearable and a “drag” to be around. As per studies – Low self-esteem is a thinking disorder in which an individual views him/herself as inadequate, unlovable, and/or incompetent. Once formed, this negative view permeates every thought, producing faulty assumptions and ongoing self-defeating behavior. It’s a vicious cycle of negativity, low self-esteem and failure that goes on for ever and ever!

The good news is that self-confidence is something you can improve! If you’re feeling less-than-celestial, these simple, actionable tips are for you (for that much-needed confidence boost)

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5 Bad Beauty Habits To Break This Year

Everyone has a bad habit. Whether it is as simple as sleeping with your makeup on your face or as grave as missing on the ingredient label on your beauty products, we all are guilty! (Well, what’s a human without any vices?) Ignoring some simple steps to your beauty regime might seem harmless now, but eventually they would need more time, effort and money for restoration and repair. Having said that, it’s never too late to say good-bye to a bad routine!

beauty regime

Here’s my list of 5 bad beauty habits to break this year –

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