When love confuses you!



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  1. The biggest mistake a woman makes is the think with her heart. Instead of thinking with her head and feeling with her heart.

    Instead of choosing to love she falls in love which is not true love but infatuation.

    Falling in love is based on feelings here today gone tomorrow. Like a candle burning brightly until the wax is gone and the flame goes out.

    True love, in the other hand, isn’t based of feelings and often means doing the exact opposite of what the heart want to do.

    A couple is like a pair of cups:

    The husband meets his wifes needs by pourimg his love into his wife’s cup.

    His wife returns her husband’s love and meets his needs by pouring her love into his cup

    Both are constantly pouring into each other’s cup so neither becomes empty and stays filled.

    Neither husband nor wife has to worry about their own needs being met simply because they are meeting each other’s needs

    It can also be expressed mathematically like this:

    One man + one woman = three or more children all a protect of their parents union and a reflection of their love.

    Hence a woman should always think with head and feel with her heart. For if she chooses to love a good man in time the feelings will come; only then will if be safe for her to let go and fall in love knowing that he will catch her within his arms.

    1. Wow! Profound! Thank you so much!💕
      Post life’s tantrums and learning the hard way – I guess, I am wiser now!
      Loved the way you’ve explained “Love” – simple, effortless and straight forward.. Thank you so much, yet again!💕

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