December Photo Challenge : Day 5

Hello folks! It’s day 5 of the “December Photo Challenge” by Through The Eyes Of Gracie. Yay!

Well, I waited and I waited some more – for the skies to clear today! (Yes, it’s been raining since 9 pm yesterday night!) Umm.. With temperatures dropping by -20 degrees in one day and no Sun to be seen, this is the best of the skies that I could capture this day. Guess, this is what December is all about! Some below-freezing temperatures, extra-warm jumpers and a pot full of hot-chocolate! (PS – The perks of living across Mississippi River is that you always, always get beautiful pictures!)

Day 5 topic – SKY

Here is my take on it –

The Skies Today! (PS – The photo is edited using Snapseed)



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